Monday, April 17, 2006

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Where is all the regenerated wealth going

Urban renewal, regeneration, centres of excellence. This is the language that is used by people to sell our city who don't even live here. "Prestigious location, high quality environment with a large, educated, mainly AB demographic catchment."

"The regeneration of Glasgow Harbour is one of the most impressive development projects in the UK, turning 120 acres of derelict Clydeside land into a vibrant new place to live. These stunning apartments will offer a quality of life and a level of excellence unsurpassed anywhere in Scotland and this is your chance to be part of Glasgow’s future."

This is what it will cost to live in this "level of excellence"

2 bedroom £220,000
3 bedroom £350,000
3 bed duplex £425,000
Penthouse £495,000

It needs to end sometime and guess who is going to pay for all ths wealth regeneration when the bubble bursts. When will projects that benefit everybody be part of "Glasgows future".

Hopefully this blog will look into some of thes ideas.

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